Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay monthly?
Sorry, but due to our extremely low costs we only accept annual payments*

2. Can I get a partial refund if I dont use my full storage allocation?
Sorry but no, whether you use your full 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or just 1MB, the fee is the same.

3. Does my fee renew automatically and are my details secure?
Your fee renews automatically on the anniversary of your initial payment until you cancel it.

As a responsible vendor we use Paypal to manage your subscription. Paypal is currently the most popular and secure payment website available, therefore their security levels meet our high standards.

4. Why should I use Picturebay instead of a free image hosting service or even eBay picture services(EPS)?
The simple answer is control, we offer a quality service with no strings or gimmicks or hidden agendas. You can upload what you want (images, videos or music) when you want and as often as you want, all at a reasonable charge.

Another reason is that the more attractive and professional you make your listing the more you will sell, people like to get a good look at the item and large detailed images are the key to greater sales in a tough market.

Click here to view some real world examples of people currently using Picturebay

Using eBay Picture Services (EPS) as your image host is a one-stop solution to placing photos in your listing. With EPS, you can browse and upload images from your hard drive and EPS will resize and compress them to an appropriate size for web viewing. Your uploaded photos will automatically appear in your listing, and a thumbnail gallery will be created for multiple images.

However, there are various reasons you may not wish to use EPS, such as limitations on the number of photos, size, or quality, the cost involved, computer incompatibility, or security settings that prevent you from using EPS. In those cases, this is where picturebay comes in, we do not impose any limits on size, quality or how often you change your images/videos. The only limitation is based on the size of the package you chose, if you find you need more space simply upgrade to the next package.

eBay will not charge a fee for images that are inserted into the description using third-party image hosting (e.g. picturebay).

5: Am I limited to certain dimensions of my images?
Not at all, your images can be as large or as small as you want.

6. Do you have any limits on the size in kb or mb or quantity of my images?
The only factor that limits the size of the images you can use is the package you have
subscribed to, if its not large enough you can always upgrade to our next package
at any time.

(Please note: your annual subscription would start again from the date of your upgrade.)

7. 4000mb isn't large enough for my needs, can I have more than one package at a time?
Yes you can, although if you contact us we may be able to offer a larger single package.

8. What is your uptime Guarantee?
We currently operate at a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


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